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Online Paper Submission

Authors Guidelines

Papers submitted for publication in Revista Argentina de Anatomía Online should be sent as attachments by email to following the instructions listed below

Peer review process

The papers received are submitted to the consideration of experts on the subject who are members of the Editorial Committee. They are the ones in charge of reviewing and evaluating the articles and, later, they recommend the acceptance, revision or rejection of the same.
The final decision, considering the opinions of the Committee of Experts, is carried out by the Editor-in-Chief of the Revista Argentina de Anatomía Online.

Publication Fees Papers Categories Content of the papers

The paper should be organized in separate files as follows:

Note: The anatomical terms used in the manuscripts must correspond to the Anatomical Terminology.

Manuscript Features *Case report

The "Case Report" should be developed according to the following features:

Text Features Images and graphics Tables References
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